Specialty Massage Services

I care about you, your needs and the results you’re looking for. Each session is completely customized to you, allowing you to choose your pressure ranging anywhere between a light Swedish to a firm Deep Tissue as well as your choice of an all-natural massage oil (aromatherapy or unscented).

Pregnancy Massage

Growing a tiny human is hard work. The body changes so much over those months. It’s common to experience aches, pains, and swelling. A prenatal massage session is a great way to alleviate those stresses. There is a specially-designed massage cushion that creates a comfortable and safe session for both mother and child. There is a combination of relaxing massage and focused work on the trouble areas you face as an expecting mother including, but not limited to: lower back pain, sciatica, and foot pain. The focused work will help relieve muscle tension that stems from a growing body and altered sleeping positions.  The Pregnancy Massage will allow you to rest and restore from restless nights and help you feel more energized and at home in your body again. Learn more.

Sixty Minutes – $135

Healthy Pregnancy Program

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Signature Massage

This session will provide detailed work on your trouble areas to help ease the pain and tension in your tight muscles. Customized with your choice of all natural aromatherapy massage oil and your desired pressure, this session will allow your muscles to feel more relaxed and looser, giving you the ability to focus on the things that matter. The Signature massage will give you the space to recharge and restore your body so that you can sleep better, have more energy, and be more productive. Learn more. 

Sixty Minutes – $135

Ninety Minutes – $185

Stress Management Program

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Migraine Relief Treatment

You’re suffering from frequent headaches or migraines that cloud your brain and are the source is so much pain & frustration. This all-natural treatment focuses on the head and feet using aromatherapy, pressure points, cool marble stones and reflexology to relieve sinus pressure, decrease pain and reduce swelling. The Migraine Relief Treatment helps you decrease the severity of a current migraine, as well as reduce the severity and frequency of future migraines, allowing you to live a pain free and more productive life.  Learn more.

Sixty Minutes – $135

Seventy-Five Minutes – $155

Migraine Relief Program

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Add-On Services



A Chinese medicine technique that uses vacuum seal cups on the body to expel toxins, relieve chronic pain and muscle soreness to leave you feeling restored and ready to tackle your day. Learn more.

One Area – $35

Two Areas – $55

Three Areas – $70

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Therapeutic Hot Stones

Add hot stones to your massage to allow access to a deeper muscle layers to relieve chronic pain, reduce stress and promote deep relaxation.

Hot Stone Add On – $15

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Promote full body relaxation and alleviation of stress and pain with this treatment that focuses on the feet.

15 minutes – $30

30 minutes – $55

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