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" I have been receiving massages from Araina for over a year and I must say, it has gone from being a luxury to being a medical necessity. I have suffered from migraines and stress related headaches for years, and the only time I get total relief is after one of her massages. Araina has a compassionate and caring manner. She always begins with how I felt after the last session, and any new problems that have developed since then. Araina has a very gentle but firm “healing” touch. I can feel the tension and stress start to leave my body with the first stoke and by the end of the hour I am totally relaxed and my headache is completely gone. In addition to getting a great massage, I get a licensed professional whose primary concern is my wellbeing. I couldn’t ask for a more complete package."
- Juanita W.


"I loved my massage from Araina! She was extremely attentive to all of my needs, asked tons of questions, and made sure she massaged all of the areas I felt discomfort in. She made suggestions on how I could improve my posture (alternating the shoulder I wear my purse on so that the weight is equally distributed throughout my body) and was a general overall pleasure to be around. She was amazing! I would definitely visit her again."
- Courtney H.


"My experience with Araina was solid. I not only enjoyed the massage but felt tremendous there after and was also very in tune with the way she worked on my body. Mind body connection. I would highly recommend her services!"
- Ray D.


"I love the ambiance and the high level of professionalism. The information I received with my massage was insightful as well as helpful. Can’t wait until my next appointment!"
- Daniel T.


"I arrived a little late and in a hurry but Araina immediately made an effort to create a relaxed environment with her friendly nature and welcoming tone. Then there was the massage itself: AMAZING! She is clearly very knowledgeable about muscle and body structure and she was also able to answer any questions that I had about recurring pains and how to alleviate them. I got the “signature massage” and it was simply fantastic. I have never been more relaxed or felt more pampered in my life. I also received a follow up email the next day where she asked me about the effects of the massage and gave me recommendations based on the massage and the topics that we covered during it. I can’t wait to go back!!!"
- Jose M.

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