What is the Signature Massage?

The signature massage is a compilation of different massage techniques that Araina Artis Linton has learned over her years as a massage therapist that she has discovered to be most effective in relieving pain.

This is a custom massage that provides relief for the individual; no two massages are exactly the same. The massage begins with a brief intake period with the client. The information provided during this time is essential and helps the therapist understand the direction the massage should take. Basic information about medical history to what their day to day schedule consists of is covered throughout this time.

The signature is a fusion massage that seamlessly blends together various massage techniques such as Swedish, deep tissue, acupressure, and sports massage stretches. Stretches are incorporated to open up the body and relieve muscle tension. If deemed to be valuable to the client, warm heat packs will be placed on the body to the ease tight and aching muscles.

With The Signature Massage, you will receive the best of both worlds; the pressure used rests at a happy medium between a Swedish and deep tissue massage. Focused massage work targets knots, aching and tight muscles at a pressure that the client can tolerate. Long gliding Swedish strokes are used to promote enhance the relaxation process and soothe the skin afterward.

This massage, like all of Massage Artistry’s services, is conducted with all natural products to promote health and the healing process. The Signature Massage utilizes a scented all natural massage oil (unscented oil may be used upon request) to target the client’s need to either be uplifted or promote sleep and relaxation.

This massage is suggested for people who are:
  • New to massage therapy
  • Experiencing aches and pain
  • Looking for a massage that will focus on their muscular issues (such as lower back pain, sciatica, stiff neck and shoulder)
  • Apprehensive about trying a deep tissue massage but need something beyond the basic Swedish massage
  • Looking to relax
  • Having issues sleeping

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