What is a deep tissue massage?

Where Swedish massage focuses on delivering an overall relaxing massage, a deep tissue massage is more centered around the idea of releasing tight muscles. Like the Swedish massage, a deep tissue massage uses massage oil or cream and even utilizes similar techniques. But where the deep tissue differs is in the amount of pressure the massage therapist delivers.

The pressure of a deep tissue massage is more intense than the basic Swedish.  A deep tissue massage utilizes the therapist’s hands and forearms to give a firmer pressure to help focus on the needs of the client. This massage is delivered in a slower tempo and the therapist will stop and linger on areas that need more attention. The focus is on relieving tight and restricted muscle by  targeting the muscle’s fibers, tendons and knots to release the tension. The focus of this massage is to address not only the superficial level but also deeper level, hence the name “deep tissue massage.”

Deep tissue can also cause some discomfort. Discomfort is good here, pain is not, please speak up and inform your massage therapist if the pressure becomes too much for you. It is common to be a little sore for a day or two after a deep tissue session due to the massage releasing waste from the muscles. Drink lots of water after your session to decrease the amount of soreness you may experience the following day.

This massage is suggested for people who are:

  • Looking for a massage with a firm pressure and a bit of intensity
  • Experiencing aches and pains
  • Primarily looking to relieve those aches and pains
  • Not looking for a deeply relaxing massage where they could possibly fall sleep

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