What is cupping?

Cupping is a safe, non-invasive technique, used to treat various of conditions. In Massage Artistry’s techniques, it is used in treating muscular pain and spasms, particularly in the back and shoulders.

Cupping is a therapy in which a plastic jar is attached to the skin’s surface using a manual hand pump to create the vacuum. Often, the skin inside the cup visibly rises with the suction. Multiple cups of various sizes are used to cover an area thoroughly. They may be left in place for several minutes, or removed quickly and placed elsewhere.

While Cupping is considered painless, red marks, swelling, and bruises can appear since the treatment causes blood to be drawn to the surface of the skin. These marks typically disappear within a few hours or days. 

Add Cupping to either a 60 or 90 minute Signature massage session for one, two or three body areas.

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