How to Always Receive an Amazing Massage

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Have you ever gotten up after a massage and felt less than impressed with the massage you received? Have you never received a massage because you’re nervous it won’t be any good? Here are some tips that will help you receive an amazing massage and drastically decrease your chances of leaving disappointed.

Choose the Right Massage

There so many different massages. Choosing one that doesn’t provide you with the relief that you’re looking for can ultimately make or break your experience. Reference the Massage Adviser or speak to your massage therapist before booking to ensure you’ve chosen the best massage session for you. If the price of the massage you believe your body needs is a deterrent, don’t settle for the less expensive one. The less expensive one may not have the benefits that you desire. Leaving you at the end of your session feeling dissatisfied and believing you’ve wasted your money.

Choose the Right Session Length

Just as important as the type of massage is the duration. If you have severe discomfort in several places you might want to opt for a longer session. Here are my guidelines for timing your session:

Communicate with Your Massage Therapist 

You know your body better than anyone in the world. Tell him or her what’s going on with your body before you get on the table. If you’re not able to verbalize it, point to the areas that need attention to dispel all possible confusion.

Be Honest

During your intake, either verbally or on the intake form, list all medical conditions and previous injuries. It may not seem relevant to you, but all this information ensures that you receive a safe massage session. That shoulder surgery you had over a decade ago may not seem relevant to you but arm stretches that the massage therapist does during the massage may cause some discomfort that could have been avoided.

Speak Up 

Uncomfortable at any point during the massage? Speak up. Get the amount of pressure that you need by asking the massage therapist to add more or less pressure as you need it. Don’t be shy about asking him/ her to adjust. You won’t hurt their feelings. It would hurt their feelings more to know at the end of the massage you’re not satisfied with the massage that you received and there was something that they could have done to make it better.

Have Realistic Expectations 

Have a tight and aching neck or back? It didn’t take an hour for it to appear. It’s been hours, days, weeks or months in the making. More often than not, it will take more than an hour for it to disappear completely. Regular massage therapy can drastically change the way your body feels so consider scheduling consistent appointments to see the change.


After your massage session drinks lots of water. If you’re going to have alcohol don’t have it before session. Massage increases circulation if you have alcohol in your system the massage could escalate the time it takes to get through your system, which could have you feeling nauseous when you’re on the table.


You are 100% in control of your massage session. Use that knowledge during your next massage appointment.

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