The Best Items to Own to Solve Your Pain Quickly

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Life is a wonderful thing. But sometimes the side effects of life manifest in the form of stress. Do you know how to troubleshoot pain when stress sets into your muscles and joints? Here are some of my favorite pain solving sidekicks that you should own. Keep these items on hand as part of your pain solving pantry so that when pain strikes you’ll be up and running ASAP.

Ice Pack

Always keep a pack handy in your freezer for when pain strikes (there’s nothing worse than needing an ice pack and having to wait for it to freeze). Ice is best for an injury that has occurred in the past 48 hours.

Heating Pad or Heated Neck Pillow

Have a chronic aching pain? Tough workout? A heating pad is your new best friend. Apply for 20 minutes at a  time to get fresh blood and nutrients flowing to the area. Stretch before and after to increase mobility. Discover when to use heat versus ice on your injury.

Epsom Salts

Add a cup of Epsom salt (and your favorite bubble bath) to a warm bath. Epsom salts are high in magnesium sulfate, which helps flush lactic acid from muscles after strenuous workouts. Be sure to hydrate afterward. I personally like this brand.

Pain Relief Patches

 The patches that contain menthol are a good option of pains like simple backache, arthritis, strains, and sprains. Use as directed. I find it especially helpful to apply the patch before, especially if you’re applying it to your hands.

Foam Roller or Tennis Ball

Use a foam roller if you’re experiencing pain in your hips, IT band or glutes. If you don’t have a foam roller, and the pain is in your hips and glutes, use a tennis ball. The form of the tennis ball has a little give, so it’s gentler on the muscles. On a soft surface, like your bed, apply the tennis ball to the belly of the muscle between you and the bed and lay down on it. The bed has a soft cushion, allowing it to not be as intense as if you were using laying on the floor.

Most items on this list can be found at your local pharmacy in the pain relief aisle. If the pain is persistent and you are unsure of the cause see your primary care physician.

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